The Farm

Our 55-acre farm, with its century-old house, has been in our family since the1950s.  The land includes open fields, meadows, wooded hillsides, massive boulders, and a stream. In 2002, we developed a plan for preserving the old, run-down house and buildings, which included a cattle barn and granary.

We also chose to remove the cattle from the pastureland. With a goal of attracting wildlife to the property, warm-season native grasses, forbs, and wildflowers soon replaced the existing fescue. Hauser Creek Lavender Farm is now a refuge for deer, wild turkey, quail, songbirds, and other small game. We are proud that the farm is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

Hauser Creek Lavender Farm is more than just reclaimed pastureland. The property also includes a 100+ year-old house, known affectionately as the Horn House. Read about the house, including its restoration, and enjoy an array of photos that feature the house in many seasons, on this page.

Hauser Creek runs through the middle of the farm as it flows toward the Yadkin River. As a child, Alethea fondly recalls picnicking on its banks with her parents and sister. Formerly eroded and worn out by decades of cattle use, the Creek is now under conservation protection. A multi-year restoration project that started in 2011 has restored the natural meander to the stream. We take pride in the fact that Hauser Creek and the wetlands around it will provide vital habitat for wildlife and a natural filtering system to help maintain water quality for future generations.

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