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We would love to hear from you! Alethea is available by phone (336.706.3235) or email. To help us better serve you, please consider using the dedicated forms set up for the purposes below.

  • General: If your inquiry is of a general nature, please use the form to your right.
  • Weddings: If you are interested in the possibility of scheduling a wedding at Hauser Creek Farm, please use the dedicated Weddings Inquiry Form to contact us. (If interested in having us provide wedding flowers for a wedding hosted elsewhere, please use the form at your right. Be sure to answer the appropriate questions near the end.)
  • Events: If our farm seems like the perfect place to host your upcoming event, please visit our Events Page and share your details on the form you find there.

We look forward to connecting with you at a future event, on social media, or when you contact us through this site.

Please note that there are no open hours at the farm. Ours is a working farm, so when we are there we have much to do. We host one to two Open Farm Days when we are delighted to host friends as well as the general public interested in enjoying our facility for the day. If you would like to visit Hauser Creek Farm to explore the possibility of having your wedding or other event hosted there, or to discuss purchase of flowers, please use the form here or on the appropriate other pages to let us know of your needs. Thank you for understanding! We look forward to connecting with you via the most ideal time and method for everyone involved.

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For Brides Needing Flowers for a Wedding Elsewhere
If you are having your wedding somewhere besides Hauser Creek Farm but you'd like to have us provide flowers for you, please share more details with us.
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When Is Your Wedding?
If you don't know the date of your wedding yet, please tell us what you do know (month, season, etc.) in the "More About Your Wedding" field below.
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We grow a lot of lavender. But we also grow other flowers. There's certainly no guarantee that we'll have what you need, but it will be our pleasure to try and help you!
If you haven't decided yet but have a general sense of what color flowers you'd like to have, please share that here.
Please share more about your wedding plans, whether to elaborate on an answer from above, or by letting us know of anything else that will help determine if we can help you with your wedding flower needs.