Holiday Greetings from Hauser Creek Farm

Thanksgiving spread at Hauser Creek Farm

Thanksgiving spread at Hauser Creek Farm

Hello, Friends! I don't know about you but it seems unreal that we are quickly approaching the end of 2016. Due to personal and family matters, as many of you know the farm remained closed and relatively quiet throughout the year. That all changed briefly last month when my extended family came together for Thanksgiving. It was a fitting nod to the late Bob Segal who traditionally cooked the turkeys and ham for our Thanksgiving and who always joked that one of these years we should have Thanksgiving at the farm. And eat outside like the early Pilgrims and Indians!  But...there was always a concern about the weather in November. Not this year! It was as if Bob Segal himself had a hand in the day- temps pushing 70 degrees, abundant sunshine, and clear blue sky. We spread tables outside on the lawn and porch and the children ran loose. It was good to be surrounded by loving family.

I wish all of you much happiness and love this Christmas season. Hope to see you in 2017! 





Pilgrim-style Thanksgiving at Hauser Creek Farm