Reflecting on Lavender Season and Dreaming about Hauser Creek Farm Weddings

Every year during the month of June lavender gets all the attention. And then, BAM, just like that the season is over. I think that's part of the beauty of lavender - it blooms with a short window of time for harvest and when it's gone, it's gone. Many of you came to our Spring Open Farm Day and Lavender Dessert Tasting last month and we appreciate that very, very much. It was a record turnout. Of four desserts, lavender pound cake seemed to be the crowd favorite.  

We got the sunflowers planted in the back field, albeit much later this year. And ever since then it's barely rained which means, as of this writing, they're about 5 inches tall! On the other hand, zinnias, cosmos, calendula, blueberries, and wild blackberries are going strong. Our wedding event site that's been on the drawing board since last winter is almost complete and I love how it's shaping up. Still need to add a few finishing touches including the completion of a ring of lavender encircling the outer edge, which, if you look carefully at the photo you can see some baby plants on the left-hand side of the arch. Our first farm wedding was actually last summer and we hope this new green space will better accomodate future events. If you know anyone who might be interested in a rustic farm wedding venue for 2015 please feel free to forward this to them!