Marching into Springtime

the birth flower of MarchHappy first day of March! Maybe you noticed it's been awhile since I wrote - just needed a break from blogging, that's all. Winter has been busy, but we've also had some fun family time thrown in. We spent part of December in France where I searched high and low for lavender finds and explored farms and farmers markets whenever possible. January and February were cold, wet, and snowy. I'm happy there's just twenty days til Spring. Seems it's been a long time coming. You ready? I'm ready for a repeat happy yellow bouquet like this one from last year.  

The farm's wildlife must know that spring is near. Our bottomland has been flooded for most of winter, and it's given way recently to all manner of aquatic life including ducks and especially frogs! Oh wow, what a chorus which can be heard clear as a whistle all the way to the barnyard! It's been said that the presence of frogs and amphibians is a measure of the health of a wetland in which case we evidently have a very happy wetlands, marsh, and stream.  

Each growing season I continue to experiment with different varieties of lavender. The test plant for 2014 is Lavandula dentata with plants going in the ground early to mid-April. Heads up - annual Herb Festival at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is April 26-27, always a good time to get your herbs or just visit. And something new this year, I'll be vendoring at the NC Extension Master Gardener Conference May 5-7 in Winston-Salem. Spring has (almost) sprung!