Long live the long leaf pines

Photo of long leaf pines in the grass stage"Grass Stage"In 2008, on the advice of a forester friend, we planted 64 long leaf pines on the edge of our property. If you care about wildlife habitat, which we do, then the long leaf pine is a tree that matters. A native species, the long leaf can provide a refuge for everything from bobwhite quail to red-cockaded woodpeckers to tortoises and countless songbirds. Plus, we think they are strikingly beautiful.

Our trees were planted at the “grass stage,” a unique period when the tree looks more like a clump of grass than a tree. In just 4 years their growth has been phenomenal. Now, most of our pines are at the sapling stage, where lateral branches begin to emerge. Hopefully, with the help of a little rain (which has been rare this year), they will be around for a long time – possibly 150 years!

Photo of long leaf pines in the grass stage"Sapling Stage"