Late June: Reflections on Lavender Day PLUS Secrets to a Great Lavender Latte

Another Lavender Day has come and gone and we want to thank all of you who attended! What a gorgeous day it was. Special thanks goes to David and Pam Blackwell of Brandon Hills Vineyard for their wine tasting and to our longtime family friend and neighbor, David Bowles, for showing up unannounced on his antique Farmall tractor. Who knew tractor driving would be part of the fun?! Thanks to everyone. Your support and interest is greatly appreciated.

Despite a very wet month, this year's lavender crop has been particularly good and as I've been busy harvesting lately my mind goes wild with ideas. Last week I got the urge to try some lavender in my afternoon iced coffee, which I enjoy every weekday. Coffee is sort of ephemeral at our house. Here in the morning, gone in the afternoon. Anyway, I'm not sure my lavender latte is worthy of a recipe as the classic drink is simply a blend of equal parts coffee and milk, but here's what I did. Pinch off some lavender leaves and then snip them into small pieces. I prefer the foliage from hidcote or munstead lavender, but if you only have Provence feel free to use that variety, too. Go easy on the leaves - you only need about 1 generous teaspoon. Once snipped, add the leaves to a small saucepan with 1/2 cup skim milk. (Okay, I used part half-and-half for richer flavor.) Heat the milk until just steamy, watching constantly so it doesn't boil over, and then immediately turn off the heat. If you like, you can sweeten at this point with a little sugar but that's optional. Transfer the milk to a jar and refrigerate until cold. When ready to use, strain the milk, discarding the lavender leaves. Combine equal parts room-temperature coffee with cold, lavender-infused milk in a glass. Add ice, stir, and garnish with a lavender sprig. Enjoy!