Explore Our (New and Improved) Website

The new Hauser Creek Farm website makes its debut today. We invite you to check it out!  As I write this, I am reminded of September a year ago when we put our first lavender plants into the ground. What can I say? Would I do it all over again? The answer, despite having made a few mistakes, is absolutely! Holding an armful of freshly-cut lavender is so immensely gratifying.

Right now there is still planting to be done and the dirt, thanks to recent rainfall, is easy to dig. There are a couple hundred young lavender plants waiting at the granary. By the end of the month our one-acre field will be full. Come October, I’ll be giving the older plants their annual shaping. Look for us to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market one more time this fall. We’ll keep you posted.

Meantime, outside the dark is turning into the first hint of daylight … time to go plant.