Reflections on Spring Open Farm Day 2015

Farm Day 2015 051.JPG

I'd say Saturday was a near-perfect farm day. Big HUGE thank you to everyone who visited! This is one of my favorite photos, and I can't help sharing how it happened that Chef Lynn Wells cooked lunch at Saturday's event. Last month I spent 3 days in Charlotte getting continuing education credits for registered dietitians. I had been nervous about signing up for the class because it was during "busy season" at the farm, but it was close enough to home that I could make the drive back and forth each day, and, as a dietitian, I needed the credit-hours. One day during a break in the lectures I stepped outside to get some fresh air and stretch my legs, and as a result I made a new dietitian-friend named Christine from Ontario, Canada. Long story short, Christine suggested I contact her friend and former dietitian, Lynn, who now works as a personal chef in Greensboro, NC (Thyme Well Spent - Personal Chef Service).  Funny how things happen, but in the course of about a week Lynn and I made plans for her to cook at the farm. I love this picture because it portrays Lynn in her element, towel slung over the shoulder, chef's hat, and beautiful decor in the open air. I know some of you didn't get a chance to enjoy Lynn's food, but it was amazing! I look forward to collaborating on future events. Thanks again, EVERYONE!

November Happenings at Hauser Creek Farm

cosmos at Hauser Creek FarmHello, November! The weatherman is forecasting freezing temperatures and precipitation (snow?) this weekend, meaning winter is fast approaching. Fall is always a busy time and this year is no different. The lavender plants have received their annual pruning and an assortment of bulbs are in the ground with alot more planting yet to happen! Turnips are coming along nicely...hoping to have these available in time for Thanksgiving. This month's photo is a parting shot of cosmos photographed mid-October. All summer long the back meadow was a spectacular splash of pinks. I hated to see that field bushhogged recently. We thank all of you who came out to the farm for Fall Open Farm Day last Sunday. To borrow the words of one guest, "it was a perfect autumn day." Happy November!