A few musings on lavender, love, and weddings

Hidcote lavender bouquet from Hauser Creek FarmMaybe it's because lavender is intensely fragrant. Then again it could be because it adds a decidedly chic element to any occasion. Of course, I'm a little biased when it comes to lavender, but it has long been associated with love and is a popular flower choice among brides. Lavender conveys a message of devotion and symbolizes purity and luck. In addition, purple is the color of royalty, conjuring up elegance and luxury.

Some sense of this quality in lavender seems to have been realized through the ages, as far back as the Bible. It is thought that the queen of Sheba presented King Solomon with lavender to win his favor (1 Kings 10:10). Legend holds that lavender is a holy safeguard against evil. Whether or not any of this is true is immaterial. What really matters is that lavender is versatile, beautiful, and uniquely fragrant. Whether alone or mixed with other fresh flowers, the long stems are used in bouquets, and the buds, when dried, are popular as wedding confetti. When stepped on, they pack a punch of fragrance - the scent lingers long after the bride and groom have departed. Another bonus: The buds are environmentally friendly. So, clink! Here's to lavender!