About Us

Bob and Alethea Segal at Hauser Creek Farm

In 1995, Bob and Alethea Segal and their children Annie, Richard, and Caroline, moved to High Point, NC, for Bob’s work. Once there, visits home to Davie County became easier and more frequent. Alethea’s parents, John and Madeleine Sparks, had deeded the 55 acres that are now Hauser Creek Farm to her... and Alethea began to feel the pull of her rural roots.

From an early age, Alethea worked alongside her father, helping milk his herd of Holstein cows on the family farm. After college, she became a registered dietitian and food editor. For a time, she lived outside of North Carolina but eventually settled in Wilmington, NC, where she met her husband Bob.

During the summer of 2002, Alethea and her dad poked about the old house on the property, stepping over piles of lumber that were stored inside. By then Alethea had a vision to lovingly restore the crumbling old structure. While some thought the house should be bulldozed or burned, Alethea saw its hidden beauty. Her father was supportive of the idea. Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly that same year. As Alethea puts it, “His untimely death gave us pause, yet in many ways it was an inspiration to continue with the labor of love that, today, is Hauser Creek Farm.”

“Lavender grower” was never Alethea’s ambition. Bob jokes that he did not know he was marrying a farmer! With his unfailing support, Alethea commutes regularly to tend to the farm. Hauser Creek Farm truly represents a decade of labor, love, and passion.

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